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                                                                  Tuesday, July 4th, 2023    
                                                         Downtown Ridgefield, Washington
                                                        Theme:  "SPROUT, BLOOM, THRIVE"
                                    Honoring Our Grand Marshal: ROY AND GLORIA GARRISON

LEADER’S NAME_______________________Email________________________________________        

SCHOOL, GROUP, ORGANIZATION ____________________________________________________

DAYTIME PHONE  ______________________ or EVENING PHONE __________________________ 

NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUP:________   ANIMALS:_________    VEHICLES: __________ 

TOTAL LENGTH OF OVERALL ENTRY BUMPER-TO-BUMPER____________(most important detail of application) space is assigned according to length. Staging will be in Abrams Park.

GROUP DESCRIPTION ____________________________________________________

1. Floats (commercial, non-commercial, clubs, and youth organization) [2 walkers mandatory]
2. Bands - marching &/or riding
3. Teams - Drill Teams, Dance Teams, Honor Guards, Marching Units, Athletic Teams
4. Animals - any size, any kind (Ridden or on Leads) [pooper scooper mandatory]        
5. Vehicles - Antiques, Car Clubs, Motorized equipment 

1. Best Commercial entry
2. Best non-commercial entry
3. Best Youth entry
4. Grand Marshal Award
5. Mayor's Choice Award

5 honorable mentions will be awarded as well.

ENTRY FEES:  Indicate length of space needed above
$40.00 for Private or Commercial entries regardless of length
Per requests of our parade spectators, Politicians or Political agenda groups will not be accepted

Please attach a separate sheet of paper, in 40 words or less, a description of your entry for the announcer during the parade (no addresses or phone # will be announced) *And REALLY, more than 40 words will be cropped at our discretion or not read at all. 


I verify NO CANDY OR OBJECTS WILL BE THROWN FROM FLOATS OR VEHICLES. CANDY WILL BE "HANDED OUT" OR CANDY WILL BE CONFISCATED. Paper flyers are not allowed and will be confiscated at the start of the route.
Initial here that you agree with the statement above_____________________________

I/we have read and agree to comply with the 2023 Ridgefield 4th of July Parade rules and regulations and have read the directions for entering the parade line-up to be staged in Abrams Park.

Signature X _________________________________________________________________________

Applications must be received by Monday, June 26, 2023  Thank you for joining our parade.

Please return this form to: PARADE COMMITTEE, PO BOX 896 RIDGEFIELD, WA 98642           Please make checks payable to: The Ridgefield 4th of July Committee (RFOJ)


GENERAL: The parade is open to all and are subject to approval of the Parade Committee. Safety precautions and polite behavior by the participants will be observed at all times. Failure to comply with these rules will result in expulsion from the parade. Positions will be assigned and all participants agree to keep to their assigned position with the line of march. Participants agree to maintain parade spacing and must not slow down the parade. All large entries (tow trucks, buses, etc.) must have a safety walker on all four corners of the entry. Entries will be limited to 75 feet or less.

CHECK-IN AND FORMATION: Parade line-up begins at 7:30 am. All groups are to report to the Check-in table on 5th AV between 7:30 - 9:00 am. Check-in will close at 9:30 am to allow spectator traffic into town. Coming west on Pioneer, turn right on 5th AV (Please remember under what name you registered!) There will be an assigned staging spot for you in Abrams upon registering. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE STAGING CREWS DIRECTION AND OBEY THE PARADE MARSHALS ON THE COURSE.

ENTRY FEE: Private and Commercial: $40.00 per parade entry. Fee exceptions will be at the Festival Director's discretion.
Politicians/Political Agenda Groups are not accepted in parade,but Banners or Booths are allowed for a fee; $100 or $300 respectively. Please call Sandy Schill for details.

JUDGING: Begins promptly at 9:30 am. Each entry wishing to be judged must be present and in line prior to 9:30 am. Late entries will not be eligible for judging. All entries will be judged on appeal, originality, color, and/or interpretation of the parade theme. Dogs and other small pets may be entered, provided they are on a leash and under full control at all times. Owners are responsible for their animal’s safety, comfort, water and sanitation. All horse group entrants must provide their own pooper scooper. Please anticipate hot weather and give consideration to your pet! Awards given for: Mayor's Choice, Grand Marshal award, Best commercial, Best non-commercial, Best youth and (5) honorable mentions.

AWARDS CEREMONY: All awards, will be presented prior to or at the start of the parade. They will also be announced by the parade emcee during the parade route.

CANDY: Candy may only be handed out along the parade route by a member of the group on each side walking and tossing to the children. No candy may be thrown from floats or vehicles of any kind.

FLYERS: No flyers or loose paper may be handed out on or during parade route.

PROJECTILES: No waterguns, waterballoons, silly string or other material that pose a potential danger or exhibits obnoxious behavior will be allowed. Removal from the parade will be at the Festival Directors discretion.

DUM-DUM Clause:  Operators of motorized vehicles must stay in vehicle while operating vehicle on parade route and when in motion. If your entry is too long to turn the corners without running over the curb, get a shorter entry.

DISBAND AREA: The parade ends at the corner of Pioneer and 8th. If you are staying for the FUN, turn Right at 8th and Pioneer and park behind the Nazarene Church. If you are headed out of town, continue on Pioneer back to I-5. Please remind all parade participants that we need full cooperation possible for litter control, both at the formation and disband areas. Restrooms will be available at staging area. Please provide water for your riders in case of extreme weather. Please help us make this a wonderful, fun-filled event for everyone. 

Any and all individuals or organized groups who enter this parade do so fully at their own risk. The City of Ridgefield, its agents, or any of the event’s sponsors and volunteers, are not liable in any way for injury or damages.